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You have no clue how to reach a decision-maker you desperately need to meet? YOUCONNECT will put you in touch
You are a talent

You are a talent

You have set ambitious career goals for yourself but whether it is about getting the job of your dreams, or winning new clients.

The talent asks to be put through to the right decision makers and pays for his services.

You do not have the connections to leverage your work and ideas into success? Not anymore.

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You have connections

You have connections

As an intermediary you have faith in the skills of some of the persons in your network and at the same time, you are in the circle of trust of many decision-makers.

By recommending certain talents to your contacts through YOUCONNECT, you play a role in everyone’s success and negociate a percentage on each of the connexions you make.

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You are a decision-maker

You are a decision-maker

You are an influential figure and countless people need you.

YOUCONNECT’s trusted intermediaries allow only the most worthwhile requests to reach you. Register as decision-maker and respond to the demands of talents readye to pay for your services.

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The YOUCONNECT conciergerie has powerful connection tools.
We will put everything in motion for the talent's requests to succeed.
Evaluate the value of your network


Sales Manager in the Automobile Industry

I made it possible for an area manager to connect with a friend who is an executive in a software company.

It’s very rewarding to make favors for your contacts. And it’s not just about the commission – I’m proud to create connections that work.

CEO in a Digital Start-Up

Thanks to YOUCONNECT I met an entrepreneur who gave me precious advice on starting my own company.

YOUCONNECT offered me unexpected opportunities and provided the connections I needed to succeed.

Head of Communications in the Banking Industry

I regularly help young people on YOUCONNECT to prepare their job interviews and I put them forward to my contacts in the banking business.

This is both gratifying and useful. The financial reward is just a bonus.

Evaluate the value of your network

How much is your network worth?

Your connections are worth more than what you think.

Calculation method

YouConnect has developped an algorithm to calculate the worth of your network, based on your connexions on professional social media.


It gives you an idea of the potential transactions you can generate on YOUCONNECT, while helping people around you !

The Strengths of YOUCONNECT

Free Access and Confidentiality

Free Access

Sign up in just two clicks, browse through the profiles of our decision-makers and make connection requests for free.


Hide your name and photo from your public profile; make them visible in search engines only if you wish to do so. Keeping your identity safe is guaranteed and free on YOUCONNECT.

Personalized Assistance

Personalized Assistance

The recommendation by an intermediary and their own financial interest increase your chances of reaching the desired decision-maker.

Do you still need to be steered? YOUCONNECT can assemble a team of agents to help you find the best contacts. Get the most out of personalized assistance and give prominence to your profile and skills. Offering your services to talents or arranging meetings with decision-makers has never been so simple.

Transparency and Safety of Transactions


To guarantee the quality of the services, decision-makers and talents are required to write honest and transparent reviews after each transaction.

Safety of Transactions

Once the decision-maker has determined the value of the transaction and the intermediary his commission, the connection materializes with the signing of a secure electronic contract. The talent’s funds are escrowed until the delivery of the service.

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Evaluate the value of your network

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